Set up the right FEE for your canada escort SERVICES!

You work as a professional Montréal escort, but you feel like you’re not earning the money that you deserve, or the money that can reflect the quality of your  escorts service? Or you are new, and you don’t know how to set up your fees?

Then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do a simple math on your monthly costs and the services you are providing, that will shed light on where you should place yourself with your service fees.

  1. Check out the direct competition

Knowing is power, because it allows you to reconsider yourself and your services according to the demand of the clients and the offer of other providers. So, first find out what’s you direct competition on the same age group, service list and location. After you know your direct competition and the prices that the companion escorts ladies are charging for the same services as you, then you know how you’re standing and what can you charge an also what you can add or change when it comes to your escort Montréal services.

  1. Make a list of expenses

Think of what your monthly costs connected to your escorting job are. We are talking about things such as rent, beauty services, sex toys/lingerie, and things that you are using daily, like condoms, lube, water, sweet treats and so on. After you have a number in mind, about how much it costs you to offer a good quality escort service, then think of how many dates you could accommodate in a day, without exhausting yourself and calculate the amount you need to charge per hour so that you can pay your facilities and other expenses and still remain with a good revenue.

  1. Toronto escorts Incall costs vs. Toronto escorts Outcall costs

If you also plan on offering outcall services think in advance and mention in your profile, the distance you are to travel to meet with a client, and other requirements you might have. Keep in mind that outcall costs are higher than incall costs, and make sure that you include in your hourly fee these extra expenses, like cab fare, time spent on the road, a “vanity” charge – because you must dress up and make an impression when he answers the door and sees you.

  1. Analyze your client list

Depending on how big or small your client list is, how new you are to a place, or how new you are to this business you can decide how much you will charge. If you have a strong list of clients you can afford to charge a little bit more, if you are new and you are working on creating a regular client list then you can charge like other competitors but make sure to throw some extra “sugar” while your perform your Montréal escorts services and so on.

These are the first things to consider when deciding your service fees. Make sure you follow the protocol and don’t miss a step if you want to make a good living and have strong client list. What other things are you considering when establishing your fees? We can’t wait to hear your ideas on the matter!

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