What makes  Annonce Market different then Leolist and other escorts directories ? 

Leolist and Annoncemarket both get most of the Escorts traffic online in Canada . 

Both besides the traffic for keywords like Escorts on google and the fact that both escorts directories are simple websites and get the job done there’s some features on Annonce Market that makes it a better website to search.

First the chat is more simple to use and send messages , nice to have to screen clients before giving appointments or phone numbers for those who like to work like that. 

Also the emails between clients and escorts seem to be faster and welcomed on website so you actually don’t ah e to give your email  to clients. 

While escorts write their ads in the language they feel more comfortable whit , Annoncemarket.com Automatically translate even the escorts ads written by user direct to the language you choose. 

No fake and scam escort ads  , While lots of escort directories seem to have problems whit fake ads on website , Annoncemarket seems to be banning those ads much faster, And keeping the escort directory clean from those fake users.

Annonce Market also has an easy interface platform making it easy to search accros the country for female escorts, erotic massages , male escorts and many more erotic services .

Also Annoncemarket  uses great site design plenty of pics and info on the girls and also escort verification available. 

Also a good point about Annonce Market right now the website is Completely Free of charge for anyone to post Escort ads , And planning to bring back the old post rates and keeping them lower then any other ESCORTS directory period . 

Annonce Market is made by a small group of partners in Europe and offered only for Canada cities . 

We hope you enjoy our website

Feel free to contact us by our contact page for Questions 

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