Barlow Trail NE 16 Ave Ne 32D 20 old new girl arrived

Daddy-Guys. I am a very ea𝕊y going girl and op𝕖n miℕded. I am 100% ind𝕖pendent s𝕖x work𝕖r I can commuℕicate very well with my cli𝕖nts so dont worry m𝕖eting som𝕖one with no English skill at all. I am full of pa𝕊𝕊ion on what I am doing.. I believe you will feel c𝕠mf𝕠rtable with me s𝕠on after we me𝕖t. Pls Call to mak𝕖 a bo𝕠king I do full girl fri𝕖nd 𝕖xp𝕖rience. I will tr𝕖at you lik𝕖 my b𝕠yfri𝕖nd and I am sur𝕖 you will enj𝕠y my c𝕠mpaℕy. Age: 20 B𝕠dy 𝕊iz𝕖: 6 slim ℕatural 32D S𝕖rvices li𝕊t Full b𝕠dy str𝕖ss r𝕖lief, S𝕖nsual t𝕖asing; S𝕖xual cuddling and t𝕠uching; Full girl fri𝕖nd 𝕖xperi𝕖nce,ki𝕊sing,t𝕠uching and cuddl𝕖, S𝕖x in diff𝕖rent p𝕠sitioℕs, 6-9, 𝕠ral in different ways, and 𝕊t𝕠ckings high heels pretty lingerie, really 𝕊exy, w𝕠nt let you d𝕠wn I guarantee to plea𝕊e you. I only provide 𝕊afe 𝕊ex and no ℕaal Full s𝕖rvice only ma𝕊𝕊age is included Incall will be an𝕊w𝕖red. No ph𝕠ℕe s𝕖x and 𝕊tupid qu𝕖sti𝕠ns. l𝕠okiℕg f𝕠rward to m𝕖eting you Duos appointment advance roommate(Malaysia)not May have time


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  • Description : Many people says I look smaller in reality than pic 20