Your tatted girl next door ~ Booking 30th & 31st
  • TORONTO, Ontario

Back from some time touring the land down under, I’m excited to reunite with my Canadians. While the accents were great, I missed my lovers from the great white north. That said, I’m a lover of exploring, some might call me an adventurer.
From steamy power play to silly pillow talks, I love intimacy throughout the array of ways we can experience it.
I’m pretty great at what I do.
Want to know why?
Because I genuinely adore it.
Exploring bodies and minds makes me feel alive; I hope to get to share this passion with you.
While you’ll first be pulled in by the real life version of the photos seen here, I am confident it is my open, sensual and slightly silly demeanour that will have you booking our next date.
Nights out on the town or sharing intimate time in bed, will you adventure with me?
Yours truly,
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