You’re thinking of taking the next step into your  Ottawa escorting activity and create your own private Incall in Ottawa to meet your clients and regulars in? Then get ready to embark into the wild ride of rental listings. Even though it may sound fun and easy, get ready for a big and bumpy ride, when searching for the perfect rental, that you can use as your escorts Ottawa incall location.

There are a few things to have in mind and look for, when taking the tour of a rental location, so that you can be sure that you’ll have no problem with that location further on, when you’ll get to business and start services of meeting dates there.

First of all, the Ottawa LOCATION!

You need to decide in what part of town you want your escorts incall rental to be. And that decision must be based on the type of clientele you often have. Do you have a high-class, rich type of clients, then you probably must look for a more nicer central location, is a fancy Ottawa neighborhood, parking spaces and so on, but if your clientele is formed of corporate people, maybe you can search for something in the business area part of Ottawa Canadian town, but if your clientele is formed mostly out of middle-class people, then you can opt for a place in the outskirts of town.

If you offer your clients the escorts girlfriend experience, with the whole dinner and a movie package, then you should look around the place you want to rent, if there are any cool coffee places, fancy restaurants, or park to take walk in, with your date, before ending the night at your Incall place.

Also, if your schedule means coming home late at night make sure that the place you’re renting is not in a shady part of Ottawa town.

Then comes the BUDGET

Before starting to look for a rental incall escorts , set up a budget for yourself and try to stick to it. Because if you begin with the house hunting without having a certain budget in mind, you can end up falling in love with a place that you can’t actually afford, and nothing else you’ll see after that will seem fit for you.

Think of your worst month, financially speaking and have that budget in mind. Think of what your living expenses are and see if you can cover rent and add gas, Internet, electricity, parking costs into the mix.

SIZE  also matters

You plan of renting solo or have a escorts roommate? And if so, how will that arrangement work for you and is it exactly what you wish when it comes to the intimacy level you want to offer to your escorting clients?

Sometimes is better to cut on living space but be all by yourself then share a larger space with a roommate. This way, even if the place is smaller, you don’t get into arguments or create awkward situations for your dates. Keep in mind that even if a place is small, there’s a lot you can do with an esthetic eye and a minimalistic approach to design. The most important thing is the place to be clean and the atmosphere to be cozy and intimate.

PARKING is important for your clients

Have that in mind next time you go house hunting, because no man wants to spend minutes searching for a free parking space and then find himself streets away from your incall location. It can be a paid parking lot in front of your building, a parking space by the driveway or a garage space paid by the hour.

Watch the NEIGHBORS!

Sometimes the neighbors are more important than the actual space you’re renting, because you don’t want prying eyes looking at your every move, counting the number of men coming in your apartment, causing you trouble with the landlord. New buildings are sometimes a better choice when it comes to renting a place to do your Ottawa incalls, because most of your neighbors are new and young, they hadn’t had time to know each other and also don’t have time to spy on one another, being too busy with their jobs and daily lives.

So, when you go house hunting take a look at the building from the outside, see if there are any old people staying by the window, people watching, see if there are people hanging out outside the flat, if there are doors opening when there’s noise on the hallway and so on. These are some useful clues if in the building are people with too much free time on their hands, looking to spy on their neighbors and causing trouble.

These are some of our pointers regarding the house hunting for the perfect incall rental location. We can’t wait to here from you and see what your screening methods are when searching for a place to meet your clients in.

Keep in mind that every advice is valuable for a fellow escort that wants to do incalls and is looking to rent her own place!

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